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Dear Prospective Bride:

Congratulations on your Engagement. This is a Blessed Time of Your life & hope that one day you will remember it with Great Joy. My own daughter, Veronica, had been dreaming about her Wedding Day Since she was a little girl. Those dreams included being swept away in a picture perfect venue with an Ambiance of Enchantment.


We hired Robert Martinez to plan the Event in January for an early August Wedding Date. He by far exceeded any and all her dreams and expectations. He designed ‘Save the Date,’ Wedding Invitations, Floral Arrangements, and so much more for this Event. Every detail leading to the Final Production on Veronica’s Wedding Day was executed with precision and exceptional Elegance. He assembled the Crème de la Crème of wedding vendors and directed the production like a Seasoned Orchestra Conductor.


There are no words to describe the vision we experienced as we walked into the Wedding Reception. I cannot even count how many people were in AWE throughout the evening. My daughter and I have wonderful memories of this time in her life. Robert took the helm and made it an incredibly peaceful experience.


Life is too short to stress over all the details involved in a Wedding. Let Robert Martinez work his Magic for you. Enjoy your big day.



Dr. Lydia Aguilera



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JayCaballero Photographer

S. Rosser Dream Weddings

Brenda Guerra COUTURE Floral


ROBERT MARTINEZ CoverShoot Director

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